The TalentED Project

UBS, through its signature education initiative, UBS NextGen Leaders, The Tennessee College Access and Success Network, and Discovery Education, are partnering to build The TalentED Project, a technology portal that will create connections between college access professionals and college admissions recruiters. These connections will be leveraged to link high-potential, lower-income, first-generation college-goers with institutions that are a good fit for them.

And, it is completely FREE to all users.

What we know:

  • For students from lower-income families, earning a bachelor's degree can be the single most important step on the economic ladder, helping to enable intergenerational mobility.
  • Lower-income, and first-generation students (those from families where neither parent attained a bachelor's degree) stand the best chance of graduating from college if they attend the most selective institution to which they are accepted.
  • Most of these students don’t even apply to more competitive institutions.
  • First-generation students are overwhelmed by the amount of college information and have a difficult time determining which information sources to trust.
  • Admissions recruiters often miss recruiting these students using traditional techniques and are unable to identify them until they apply.
  • While there is an informal network of college access professionals and admissions recruiters that collaborate to link high-potential, lower-income and first-generation students to colleges, this process varies in its effectiveness and geographic reach, among other limiting factors.

What we are doing about it:

  • We will harness technology to create The TalentED Project connecting college access professionals and college admissions recruiters working with high-potential, lower-income, and first-generation students.
  • Because technology alone cannot provide the solution, we are targeting students through trained and knowledgeable adults in their lives.
  • Participating professionals will help students find a right match and guide them through the admissions process to ensure they apply to and enroll in an institution that would be a good fit.
  • Our portal will ensure a baseline of understanding for all users, and provide training through resources that will increase expertise and strengthen relationships between college access professionals and admissions recruiters.
  • Because lower-income and first-generation students often do not see themselves on more competitive campuses, they will also receive messaging designed to dispel common college myths and build confidence in their ability to succeed.

The TalentED Project is funded by a grant from UBS.

Our list of participating colleges and universities is growing. Click HERE to see which ones have already joinedThe TalentED Project.

Read the official news release from our National Launch.

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