The TalentED Project boasts outstanding data for the Class of 2017 and Class of 2018, revealing that TalentED students are enrolling in and persisting in postsecondary at rates that are significantly higher than peers.

  • 85% of TalentED students, who are low-income and primarily students of color, go on to enroll in college, compared to 70% of all U.S. high school graduates and 67% of low-income students.

  • 95% of TalentED college students persist to their second year and are on track to earn a degree, compared to a national retention rate of 70%.

  • The list of colleges TalentED students attend is equally impressive, with students attending over 170 colleges in 26 states and the District of Columbia, including every member of the Ivy League except Brown University.

Additionally, TalentED provides an online community to 672 college access and admissions professionals who are dedicated to help first-generation, low-income students succeed. TalentED has served not only as place where these individuals can connect with one another (and connect their students), but has also served as a hub of relevant information for those in the field.

Clinton Global Initiative

Chelsea Clinton and Lori Feinsilver, UBS, on main stage at the 2015 CGI.

Chelsea Clinton and Lori Feinsilver, UBS, on main stage at the 2015 CGI.


From main stage, Chelsea Clinton announced The TalentED Project as a 2015 CGI America Commitment. UBS NextGen Leaders, the firm's signature education initiative in the Americas, in partnership with the Tennessee College Access and Success Network (TCASN) and Discovery Education, committed to build a technology portal that would establish an online professional community of college access and admissions professionals. This portal, The TalentEd Project, connects lower-income, first-generation college-goers with institutions that are a good fit, increasing the likelihood they will graduate, while also expanding admissions officers' pipeline of these high-potential students.